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If you're in, you're in!

Fitz VIP Club


Our 2-4-£13 cocktails are the stuff of legend in Brighton. But how does two large G&T's for £12 sound? Or Two Aperol Spritz for £12! Or Two Bloody Mary cocktails on a sunday for £12? Crazy right!?! How about a 50% off your roast bill once a month or 20% off all food Monday to Saturday every, single, week? 

Do you...
Live or work within a mile of Mrs Fitzherberts?

Have good vibes in abundance?

Love cocktails, wines and all things food & drink?
Are you...
Over 21?
Happy to sign up to our Fitz Birthday club?
If the answer is yes to the above then lets get you signed up to the Fitz VIP Club. 

Please note there will only ever be a limited amount of these premium golden cards availible at a time so if you want to be a Fitz VIP move fast before this alocation is gone! Email us at and let us know why YOU should be a Fitz VIP!

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